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Luxury artisan candles designed for elevated living.


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The FlashPoint Candle Bennett Collection features striking 12-wick candles in a unique, low bowl style vessel handmade by candle artisans using earthenware clay and 12 pounds of soy-blend wax, which can be repurposed after burning. These candles span 12 inches in diameter and finished with our signature sky-blue glaze interior no matter the exterior color. The 12-wick Bennett candles make perfect additions to dining room tables, outdoor patios, coffee tables, or anywhere inside or outside your home that needs a statement piece. From our citronella options like Mango, Coconut and Sea Salt & Hibiscus, to the sweet Bartlett pear and sparkling effervescent champagne of our English Pear scent, our 12-wick Bennett collection is sure to delight the senses and be a statement piece anywhere in your home.

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