Did you know that we spend 90% of our time indoors? Indoor air quality is a serious concern and is ranked among the top five environmental risks to public health. One way to combat this is by bringing air cleansing plants into your home or office. Not only will these add interest and liveliness to your living space, they will also improve your overall air quality. No need, to purchase a new planter when you have an empty Flashpoint candle vessel on hand!

Your FlashPoint candle vessel creates a beautiful and eye catching planter. We’ve repurposed a Saxon White pottery bowl and added lush English Ivy. English Ivy’s dense foliage is perfect for absorbing formaldehyde—the most prevalent indoor plant arrangement pollutant. Place your vessel on a book shelf and let the ivy cascade creating a dramatic and earth friendly accessory to your home décor. Ivy also grows well in almost any indoor condition making it an easy, low maintenance addition. Other air purifying plants to consider are Peace Lilies, Ficus/Weeping Fig, Boston Fern, Aloe Vera and Bamboo Palms.

FlashPoint’s Artisan line of reusable candle holders feature stunning handmade pottery vessels that can be recycled a multitude of ways. This is a fun and easy way to bring the outdoors in on this Earth Day. How do you repurpose your FlashPoint vessel?