Although we all wish we could hold onto autumn, it’s a season that comes and goes all too quickly. Luckily, you can savor the scents of the season with FlashPoint’s limited edition autumn scents! Place these candles throughout your home to keep the wonderful aromas of autumn in the air through early winter and beyond.




Our minis are the perfect candles for decorating your coffee table or even treating yourself to a relaxing, candlelit bath. The best part about the minis is that you can light two different minis at once to create a completely new and unique scent. Some of our favorite seasonal scents to create are:

Autumnal Tango – This creation is a combination of our Frasier Fir and Mahogany Teak scents. These two aromas pair perfectly together to create an earthy and woodsy blend with classic evergreen notes.

Adirondack Holiday – This candle is a combination of our Driftwood and Fireplace scents. These two fragrances add a masculine cologne with a touch of romanticism. It’s a sophisticated aroma and is excellent for chilly nights.

Post Pots & Villa Candles



Our two-wick posh pots and 4-wick Villa candles are perfect for adding some flair to bookshelves, desks, or even smaller kitchen tables. Both of these collections are available in our Laurel and Cranberry scent, which is customer favorite. When you light this candle, you’ll smell fresh fruit and berries and a hint of the outdoors with notes of crisp pine and warm woods.



Saxon Candles



Our Saxon candles are perfect for adding some holiday cheer to your coffee table, dining room table, or even kitchen island, and of course it adds an amazing seasonal scent as well for that extra little touch. Our favorite scent for the season is Juniper Cypress, which has a crisp, lightly balsamic evergreen scent with woody juniper notes and sparkling cypress essential oil for a familiar, unique twist on the traditional holiday evergreen.

So whether you want to add some charm to your bookshelves, coffee table, or countertops, FlashPoint has the perfect candles to decorate your home and maintain that cozy autumn feeling.

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Stay tuned for more creative decorating and entertaining tips. Happy Thanksgiving from our FlashPoint family to yours!