As Halloween creeps up on us, we wanted to share some ideas on how to decorate your table for this festive holiday. Whether you’re hosting a costume party or a casual gathering for your friends, these decorations are tailored to be both fun and spooky. Feel free to copy our table or take some of these ideas and make them your own. Here are some easy staples to make your table extra festive:

Black Freaky Fabric (23 in X 67 in)
You can buy this simple fabric at a costume store or any Halloween specialty store. Simply stretch it across extra-long tables or double up on smaller tables to create a creepy effect of black cobwebs and a similarly eerie texture of spider legs. This material creates the perfect foundation on any surface and serves  as a fantastic backdrop to the rest of your decorations.


Plastic Skulls
The day of the dead isn’t complete without some spooky skulls. Most bags come with varying sizes and they create a great symmetrical balance when laid out diagonally. Start by placing a larger one at the apex of the table and a smaller skull diagonally to the right. Lay another larger one diagonally to the left of that one and repeat this process until you’ve finished laying out all of your skulls. Or if you’d rather, you can also lay them out in a line approximately six inches apart to create the same type of effect.


Mini Pumpkins (6 or more)
Halloween isn’t the same without pumpkins, and neither is your table. Arrange these adorable little pumpkins around the skulls diagonally, or if you’re having a more formal dinner party, you can arrange one pumpkin on each plate and rest your placeholder cards against them. Once the party is over, feel free to pop these in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes with a little brown sugar or butter inside for a tasty post-Halloween treat.


Glitter Spiders (8 or more)
Now for the extra frightening part – fake spiders! Place half of these plastic crawlers on the mini pumpkins and arrange the other half sporadically around the skulls. If you really want to give your guests a scare, dangle some of the spiders from serving bowls or even put a few atop of the pumpkin pie.


FlashPoint Centerpiece Candles (3 or more)
For the final touches, arrange three four-wick and/or two-wick candles in the very center of the table about three inches apart. We’ve chosen to use our Villa candles in Gun Metal with an Emerald Mist scent, which will fill up the entire household with a refreshingly clean fragrance. For smaller tables, you can also opt for a Posh Pot in Truffle glaze with a French Linen scent.


Now that your table is complete, sit down and enjoy the company of your guests!


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