About Us

FlashPoint Candle started in 2011 when founder and designer Drea Groeschel started selling candles for additional income. Drea’s first sales venue was the Nashville Farmer’s Market, where her work quickly caught the attention of patrons. Drea’s candle designs inspired her customers, her work soon gained a passionate following. As Drea’s candles began to sell, she started exploring new designs with innovative containers.

FlashPoint took off fast. Only 12 months later, Drea could no longer make all the candles in her basement, and the fledgling company was shipping nationally. A new facility outside of Nashville, TN, gave Drea everything she needed to launch an international brand.

Today, FlashPoint is known for beautiful handcrafted goods that are individually made by American artisans. Each piece has its own story, and each piece displays the ingenuity and sense of style which won Drea numerous awards. Drea’s personal touch is evident in each and every FlashPoint piece, and that touch sets FlashPoint Candle at the forefront of artisan home décor.

“I love being creative and believe it’s an important part of everyday life. I design inspired décor to elevate the home environment. Love where you live.”