Most women understand the importance of having a signature scent and there’s no reason why your home shouldn’t have one as well! When finding a signature scent for your home, first look to your décor for inspiration.


Your classic country home features a reclaimed barnwood dining room table, a stone wood burning fireplace, wicker baskets and fresh wildflowers on the kitchen counter. You enjoy hosting friends and family and love for folks to feel as comfortable in your home as they do their own. You’re most attracted to scents that are warm and inviting. Our TRIO candles add function and style to your space. The Oakwood Vanilla is a favorite with woodsy and earthy notes and hints of musk and sweet vanilla bean.

Are more refreshing scents your style? Our Prairie Point Lemon Drop fragrance is infused with bergamot blossoms that will brighten and invigorate with a sparkling refreshing zing. The jar is also a food safe crock that’s made in the USA!


Your home has a timeless elegance to it with a creamy neutral palette, soft furnishings, beamed ceilings and glamourous chandeliers. Your large heirloom coffee table deserves a fixture that adds to the ambiance of the space and helps set the mood. At FlashPoint, we even have a signature scent, and it just so happens to be our English Pear fragrance. This sophisticated blend of sweet Bartlett pears and sparkling, effervescent Champagne is a memorable and refreshing scent. Warm amber base notes round out the mellow fruitiness of this fragrance. The Gunmetal vessel will add to the sophistication of your room and the 12 wicks serve as a conversation piece for guests.


Experimenting with bold colors and patterns is your forte. Bright, airy white washed rooms with unexpected pops of color can be found in your home. You need a fragrance that’s as tropical-inspired as your aesthetic. Our Coconut Citronella is a fresh and fruity scent blended with a 100% all natural Citronella that can be burned indoors or outdoors. The handmade white vessel adds a chic nautical vibe that perfectly complements your décor.


Strong lines and modern furnishings can be found in your super organized home. Preferring minimalism over clutter, your space is clean and your signature scent should reflect that. Our four wick LuScent candle in Black Fleck with Cucumber Nesia is a sophisticated scent in a stylish vessel. The Cucumber Nesia joins fresh cucumber water and a hit of herb and spice for a divine fragrance.